• Release Date: 2001-08
  • Author: Apollo
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 75

Tronyns Review

Apollo releases his first standalone Q1SP. The map is introduced with a rather amusing story, the idea of reverse-engineering a Quake facility... that strikes me as a good one.

The theme is dirty industrial, with appropriate textures and nice dark lighting. However, the designs generally consist of medium sized squarish rooms and hallways. There is some interesting multilevel design, but this is the exception rather than the rule. This is not to say that the map is uninteresting or looks bad, but when compared to other releases in similar categories (for instance say CZG03's layouts, or JJSPQ3's use of industrial textures), it just doesn't look as good.

Still though, there is mood in this map and besides that the gameplay is pretty good. Most of the time it's fair, though at points large amounts of ogre directly above you can certainly hinder your progress! There were a couple battles that were great fun, including a fiend ambush near the gold key and the map's finale. This is one map that knows how to end - the last area was very impressive and the combat provided a good challenge - a good deal more difficult yet more enjoyable (arena- type combat as opposed to the difficulty of trying to snipe ogres around corners and on platforms) also.

If you like industrial maps, then you should certainly get this. Higher-Synth is a great first map and a good map in its own right.

Tronyn's Score: 76