Jackboot Hero

  • Release Date: 2001-09
  • Author: Tiddles
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 74

Tronyns Review

Tiddles, author of a great many Q1SPs in his distinctive Industrial style, brings us his latest. If you were to play some of his first work in this style and then to check out this map, you would note that this style has progressed. The evolution was subtle, but this map really emphasizes it, however subtle it may be.

The theme is accomplished with using blend of id/Rogue textures and complementary custom textures. This is nothing new. What's changed since this series started is the architecture. The maps started out a bit blocky and plain, but in this map you are going to be treated to curves of all sorts as well as crate-filled rooms and impressive skylights and ceiling architecture. The lighting is all good, though using spotlights or having smaller-than-default attenuations would have brought out the many placed source-lights that much better.

As far as gameplay goes, this is a nice switch from maps that have been using lots of stronger monsters, because Jackboot Hero throws at the player *lots* (not just 'lots') of base enemies with a complement of Ogres and Wizards, and the odd Shambler. Mowing down huge amounts of grunts and rottweilers with the nailgun is really quite fun. The use of the dogs was a good choice. Supplies are fair, and the map though with lots of enemies, isn't all that hard. However I did die once, after a spectacular underwater fight with Fiends (I as well as they fell in a pond), coming out of that with little health, I walked around a corner and promptly had my head sawed off by an Ogre I was completely oblivious to. Most people would have put a knight or rottweiler in that little corner hideaway, but things like an Ogre there or an ambush of many rottweilers other spots in the map keep you on your toes. As well there are several good combats involoving hidden rooms where waves of baddies are revealed from behind moving walls - rather doomish - as well as having grunts and enforcers in 'bunkers' - something seen in other Tiddles maps. However the bunker at the end was very annoying, those bastard enforcers, grr - I'm sure there was a 'smart' way of killing them, but I just resorted to grenade-jumping to their ledge and obliterating them. bastards.

All in all, another good map from Tiddles, that shows a continual evolution of his maps. It does stand out some, but it would be nice to see something that stood out yet more - something more revolutionary into this theme.

Tronyn's Score: 80