Memento Mori

  • Release Date: 1999-12
  • Author: Fat Controller & CZG
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 85

[Kona]s Review

Made by Christian "CZG" Grawert (Numb Nimbus) and polished up by Robert "Fat Controller" Cruickshank (The Frater Fracas, Swamp) it was obvious just by seeing the authors that this level was going to be a treat. With over 100 enemies and some very nice level design, I wasn't disappointed. The theme was my favourite for Quake - medieval, both inside and outside, and these guys pulled it off very well. The architecture was excellent, and with it flowing into the cliffs and swamp, created a brilliant atmosphere. The level was quite large with quite a good layout as you backtrack over parts without it becoming too non-linear. The gameplay was also great. At times stacks of Knights or Scrag would come hunt you down. There were mostly HellKnights and Ogres, with the occasional Fiend thrown in. I found it to be very fun, with plenty of ammo and health (probably too much with the healing pool). The only disappointing part was the end battle - there wasn't one! I managed to kill the Shambler with ease, telefragged the idiot Vore and that left a few Scrag. I finished with full nails and plenty of grenades. Nevertheless, this is a VERY good Quake level, one worth keeping on the hard-drive.