Moonlight Assault

  • Release Date: 2000-09
  • Author: Tyrann
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 85

Tronyns Review

I decided to start reviewing some older maps by authors who are still going, and at the top of my list was Tyrann's Moonlit Assault. How is it? Incredible. Why? Read on...

You began in a dark canyon, and after a short time of wandering around, you find yourself at the gates of a massive castle. There it is, right there. One of the most impressive castles you'll find in Quake. While I was being overwhelmed by it, I was attacked by some knights and some scrags. These I despatched. Making my way indoors I found that it immediately branched to both sides, as all Castles in FPS games must(if you could see down a hall or into a room from outside the castle, your framerate would be in for it). Once I was inside... how could I describe it...

I *was* wandering around a huge pale fortress, trying to hold off the viscious minions trying to protect their Rune. Up and down stairways, off cliffs, into courtyards, through cemetaries, I went. The map has a very exploratory feel, and does not pamper you with only one route. At any one time you can take several routes, but some might end at a locked door or some may lead back to a different part of somewhere you've already been. It takes some figuring out, but it should.

The map's flow seemed odd to me, but even at the times I was temporarily, lost the atmosphere of Moonlit Assault bled through the very walls, and I stopped to think about where would be the next place to go. I always found my way within a non-frustrating amount of time, and towards the end I knew the map well enough to navigate without any trouble. That plus the amount of items and foes that had been building up made the end of this map an ever-quickening climatic battle.

About the only thing I would have changed in this map is the grate that you open with the button by the RL was a little obscure... something with a message hint should be a little easier to find.

Just how good is this map? Well, as far as Castle maps in Quake go, it's right up there with Gloom Keep, The Ebon Fortress, The Dismal Oubliette (of which this map somewhat reminds me), Steve Rescoe's Castled! and the rest of the greats which I forgot to mention.

Tronyn's Score: 92

[Kona]s Review

One thing you have to really appreciate with this level is the size. It may not be thick with details, but there are some interesting angles and archways which provide enough eyecandy for this to be a huge level. Packed with well over 100 enemies, it is great fun right from the start till the end, slowly getting harder and harder. A fantastic level.