Once Upon Atrocity

  • Release Date: 2002-03
  • Author: Necros
  • Genre: Quake

[Kona]s Review

Necros is a fairly new mapper on the Q1SP scene. His first release was a map that could only be played in modified engine ports, and suffered from a few problems. I was never able to play it. His second release, At The Gates Of Midian, was a large and well themed metal/medieval map. There were a huge amount of enemies, but I find the map too difficult with some of the modified monsters.

This third full Q1SP release from Necros, is a polished, more professional product that carries on the gameplay from his previous map but with much better balance. Using Quake3 textures, the settings is a huge medieval castle quite similar to CZG's very popular final map in the Insomnia pack. All of Necros' fine details are present such as the thin metal gates. But also a strong point of the level is the size and complexity of some areas, which are well connected together. Connectivity is good, with lots of overlapping.

The gameplay is the strongest point. It starts out good, but in the second half it just keeps getting harder and harder. There are some new modified monsters, including two different Shamblers and Hell Knights which are a good challenge. The dying sequence of one of the Shamblers is a real visual treat. There is not alot of ammo, but with some careful play enough to last throughout. Only once near the end did I get in trouble with just 200 cells that I refused to waste on a pack of Scrags, Ogres and Fiends. In my mad hunt for some nails or shells, avoiding those after me, I ended up hitting 1% health before finally disposing of the group, having stumbled upon a grouping of several ammo packs. The real battles are with multiple Shamblers, Hell Knight bosses and Fiends. It is definitely a satisfying experience.

While the architecture may not be as finely made as in Czg07c, this has consistently good design and a good layout. But the gameplay is fantastic, which will likely bump this up to one of the best single map releases of 2002.