Penile Devastation

  • Release Date: 2001-08
  • Author: RPG
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 87

[Kona]s Review

To finish off a fantastic month of madness of Quake SP levels, here comes one of the best yet. In development for nine months, it is great to finally play RPG's first Q1SP.

Metal is a style I love to see and there are many good design styles yet to be explored. Biff Debris made an excellent runic/metal map just a week ago, and Penile Devastation looks just as good. The map is small-medium, but absolutely crammed with fine details. For a small level, 3500 is an amazing amount of brushes, as it 1100 entities. Great angles, buttresses, trims and columns are packed inside. In fact in the secret penis room the amount of detail is almost too much!

The gameplay is good throughout. For the first half you progression through nicely details rooms and areas, fighting enemies in a very linear approach. Once you get to the end you turn around and go all the way back to enter to final arena. RPG did very well in creating a long (almost as long as the rest of the rest level) final battle which had enemies when blown through windtunnels into your arena, slowly getting tougher as you become worn.

Overall a really fantastic looking level that is quite challenging with some good fight setups. It only did not last long enough.