• Release Date: 2001-06
  • Author: Xenon
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 79

Tronyns Review

Perception is the debut Q1SP from XeNoN (who has released a Q1DM and some speedmaps, in addition to working on the SoE project). The map has many strengths, and no noticable flaws; right now I'll say it's a very good map.

Perception is set in a Egyptian temple, with a few new textures but mostly using the beige Rogue set. Surprisingly despite all the temple maps there have been, this one stands out as looking really, really good, for a reason that I can't quite discern. The texture set isn't new or original, however, I think it's the architecture and lighting that make this map look so good. The architecture is nice and solid, not overly complex but does have qutie a bit of attention to detail. The map doesn't bother with hugely impressive structures or curves, and is just as well. The lighting in the meantime is very well done, with skylight and torches casting nice midday shadows (though the shadows aren't pitch black - another good point) and keeping the temple feeling not airy, really, but natural. I suppose I could say that it has a good sense of place.

Gameplay is even better than the looks, with fair, and most importantly fun, fights. Several fights were really quite good, and infighting with fiends was easy to encourage and proved a useful tactic. Supplies were always fair and the map did get a bit harder as play progressed. The layout wasn't too complex but the gameplay used key-seeking well in the layout - having the player loop back to previous areas with new enemies (keeping things from being monotonous). The one strange thing in the layout was the underwater tunnel from behind the gold key door - easy to lose your bearings, which was strange in such a large tunnel. I attribute this to the lighting down there.

All in all, definately a great first map and a very enjoyable map in its own right. Perception is not trying to do anything revolutionary, just be a good Q1SP, and it certainly succeeds at that.

Tronyn's Score: 82