• Release Date: 2000-11
  • Author: Fern/Perselicas
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 70

Tronyns Review

From the tone of the commentary I've read on Qmap about this map, I wasn't expecting it to be very good. But it's certainly not all that bad.

Perssp1 has no title other than Perssp1, and is a small-medium medieval level. It's passageways are built of brown stone and black metal, with runic lights or gargoyle carvings set into the walls. It may be simple and somewhat angular, but it's Quakey and it looks good. Progression is fairly linear, where to go next is usually apparent, and the supply of ammunition is satisfactory to the amount of enemies. Weapons only go up to #6, which is a change - no huge hordes of bad guys in large areas to despatch with a Quad Lightning Gun, or anything. This map does not use overly large or difficult combat, monsters come at the 'expected' times (after you grab a key, etc), so combat, while not boring, is average.

There are a couple of underground areas and a couple higher areas, but this level takesplace mostly on one floor. I have heard complaints that it is not vertical or interconnective enough, but this is single play, not deathmatch, and the connectivity is not bad and the vertical element is not really needed. I have also heard complaints about the size of this map. It's not that small. What we have here is a quality Q1SP map, a nice little experience with no gimmicks, which proves that bigger is not nessecarily better.

Tronyn's Score: 76