Phantasmal Garrison Edition 2

  • Release Date: 2000-05
  • Author: Tronyn
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 77

[Kona]s Review

After playing Coven Of Ebony below, I found Phantasmal Garrison to be very similar to it. It has a small start level and three huge levels before moving on to the final battle. But not only that, the gameplay was almost as tough as COE. The first level was a mix of terrain and outdoors with the classic style old Quake castle, with brown and green brick textures. The second was the interior of the city, with brighter colours and many buildings to explore. The third level looked the best, a mix between the old entrance of level one with the level two city to create a huge castle with a slightly ancient feeling.

Like COE, I did find some areas to be rather plain. However there were lots of small details to spice things up such as light stands or exploding barrels. Each room was definetely not small either, and some areas you may see a few times before finishing the level. The layout is good, again very similar to COE where it often loops over itself and you can find yourself returning to previous areas but with new monsters. You certainly won't be getting lost, which should please everyone.

I was expecting the gameplay to be very tough, and it certainly was! Right from the first level it heats up although there are no new enemies this time except some tougher dragons (remember the Lost Island?). But Tronyn has done very well in using all the classic Quake monsters to provide an exciting and challenging bunch of levels. Of course they attack in large groups and in the main three levels there are around 300 of them! It kept me entertained right to the end, where another unique final battle took place.

This time you have to take on one monster at a time, but as soon as you kill it another one spawns in (Fiend, Shambler then Vore) until you finally get to take on the dragon. It definitely wasn't as tough as the final battle in COE - the Fiends ate the rockets, Shamblers fell with my dbl-shotgun and the Vores were turned to meat with more rockets which meant I had plenty of Cells to spare for the dragon. But it was still very exciting.

Overall, Phantasmal Garrison is your classic Quake release with all the standard textures aswell as some from the mission packs. And with even better gameplay than design, Phantasmal Garrison is a great addition to your collection.