Precipice Continuum

  • Release Date: 2001-07
  • Author: Tim Elek
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 83

[Kona]s Review

A good map from Elek designed and motivated, for a natural terrain contest for Quake. Design was inspired by the start of Elek's The Occursed, which apparently received quite a few positive comments. Gameplay started out very solid, with the rocket launcher given right for the word go. Gameplay was hot with Shamblers, Vores and Fiends invading your colliseum of a home. But after this section, I felt the level might have been a little rushed.

Gameplay slowed down and got a little easier, and really didn't get tough again (as the readme suggests) until right at the end. But it was still great fun, with plenty of large scale combats, Ogres from above launching rockets and many different monsters used.

As I looked outside the map at the layout, huge areas were thrown all over the place leaving little room for overlapping and returning to previous areas. It was a very linear map. Although there was some exploration, I ended the level surprisingly, having seen other areas which I never even reached and around 30 monsters still alive. These sections were totally unecessary for completion, it would have been better if they were actually used as areas that need to be visited.

There is a lot of variety in design, but all sticking to outdoors. Underwater scenes were also used a fair bit, something we don't see enough of in Quake. The map felt much like it was one set-piece after another, and some of them were pretty impressive with large pillars and coliseums combined with the mountains.

The gameplay was great, a tough start and a tough finish. It wasn't frustratingly hard, and there was just enough health and ammo. The end was more of a fight with trying to kill the monsters without running out of ammo, providing quite a challenge in a tight space.

Some fantastic set pieces, large scale design and well balanced gameplay make this a great map.