Recurrent Rumours

  • Release Date: 2001-06
  • Author: Palldjon Brosche
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 69

Tronyns Review

A new Q1SP in a very old style. Recurrent Rumours takes place right after the fall of Chthon, and as such is textured in only id textures. The map covers quite a few classic id styles - some were so well reproduced that I could pick out the level the particular style was from - there was a spot just like e2m5: Wizard's Manse and another few areas strongly in the tradition of the underground areas in e4m8: The Nameless City (A damn cool map by the way).

Besides 'pure' id styles there are also some mixed styles, I haven't seen this many medieval styles in a map since CZG/Fat Controller's excellent Memento Mori. But there is also an industrial area at the end, somewhat akin to the Industrial stuff Tiddles has done. Overall, a very mixed map.

The different themes don't clash that badly, though; surprisingly, even the industrial section somehow doesn't seem that out of place. You'll take on just about every variety of Quake enemy here, too. The map was never overly challenging, but that was a nice change from the last Q1SP I played. That's not to say it was easy - when I 'displeased' what's-his-face, the resulting fight with teleporting monsters caused my death 3 or 4 times. Supplies, overall, were fair, with a reasonable monster load. Something that deserves mention with the gameplay was the really annoying use of zombies before you get the grenade launcher. It wasn't frustrating, really, but while these two zombies sat there chucking their flesh at me and I wasn't able to kill them, I could see the mapmaker, sneering as he put those zombies in, thinking 'hah! that's going to be annoying!' Even if the map didn't loop back, I certainly would have come back with explosives to set those two bastards to rest. Hehe.

Speaking of looping around, the layout was interesting. Water use was a bit odd, and it was possible to lose one's way temporarily in all of the small corridors. Plus there weren't that many distinct areas, and the scale was quite small. The map centered around a sort of cathedral area, which was a good place to get your bearings.

All in all, a good first map without any major flaws - a very solid map to play.

Tronyn's Score: 76