Road To Inverurie & Inverurie

  • Release Date: 2000-10
  • Author: Neil Manke
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 75

Tronyns Review

The Road To Inverurie and Inverurie are historic maps by Neil Manke. I'm not sure how I missed them, but now I've played them. The story sets you in ancient Scotland as a prisoner of the English on the way to a hanging. There's a bit of backround music here and there, appropriately enough from Braveheart. The story isn't necessarily realistic (there wouldn't be wide use of guns in the 1300's), but provides a quite decent excuse to pretend some Hell Knights are English, and blast the crap out of them. There are some decent elements which help the story along, mostly (Scottish) Zombies telling you a thing or two.

The Road To Inverurie is the first map, and consists of water canyons and a few structures, all done up in completely new textures. These textures are a bit cartoony compared to id textures, and the repetetive use of them means the map does not have as 'solid' a feel as ID maps do. The progression is nice though - events like a hidden key do make sense, and if told as a story, say for example by the English survivors, it would sound plausible 'He jumped in the river then somehow found a key to an old house we couldn't get into...' Eventually, the progression leads to a Fort, which is good except for the 'new' monsters which are green grunts and seem completely out of place.

Inverurie, the second map, I liked a lot better. It uses the same texture scheme, and although the thin village walls make for even less of solid feel, the map does look nice. In this map you progress through the town of Invurie, and there is some cool movement throughout the map - like finding a way to a rooftop, then dropping down into a secret attic, getting a key, then dropping down again to a previously visited room. The last part of the map is a church which I didn't like as much as the 'town' section, and the town and church are connected by several multileveled gray stone tunnels. When you exit the map, the story isn't continued (it just shows credits) which is kind of dissapointing.

I had expected better of this series, but just because it didn't live up to my expectations doesn't mean it isn't fun.

Tronyn's Score: 68
[Kona]'s Score: 75 & 82