Scragbait's Estate

  • Release Date: 2000-05
  • Author: Scragbait
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 65

[Kona]s Review

After reading a very interesting story (I usually don't read the stories, but I'm glad I made an exception this time), I was greeted with a dark outdoor area with an old building in my view. This level is best described as being what it's called - an estate! Included throughout are sewers, medieval type buildings, outdoor areas and base styles. Of course, with these styles the level doesn't feel like it has a distinctive style.

Nevertheless, that doesn't stop it from being a blast! It gets tough real quick as you fight Shamblers and Vores with your shotgun. There are nearly 100 enemies to get through, but as you progress you happily acquire a few more weapons. The level seemed to go for quite a long time, which is always a good thing.

The layout was rather impressive, as you return to previous sections through different routes and access new areas. You eventually end up back where you start, in the outdoors area.

Overall Scragbait's Estate had decent level design, although almost too dark and a bit plain in some areas. While the gameplay was good fun, providing quite a challenge. Unfortunately this release is not complete - expect another part to it in June (which explains the rather weak end-battle).