Soul Of Evil: Preview Release

  • Release Date: 2001-07
  • Author: Tronyn, Xenon, Skunk, Fatty
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 71

Tronyns Review

Well, this seems to have been recieved pretty well, though some people don't like the skins. I think the collapsed medieval Village can have a really spctacular effect, and as far as layout and gameflow goes this is one of my best. The map itself it seems is agreed to be very enjoyable - fighting through the debris and climbing ruined beams - while the atmosphere is I think some of the best out there. The other maps - the start which I also did - and Skunk's Soedemodm - are up to the same standard - particularly his map is probably the best DM is SoE's deathmatch arsenal.

It's difficult to rate this as I seem to think more highly of it than the general 'good' opinion, and as well since it isn't really a regular Q1SP. But hey, it's only my opinion, and in my opinion 'The Fallen Village' gets an 87 (I think it's as good or better than 'A Desert Dusk'), and the demo on the whole gets an 84.

Tronyn's Score: 84

[Kona]s Review

This is the demo to Soul of Evil, It features a short start map and one main level. It didn't seem like the first map because the entrance was different to the start map exit. However it wasn't too hard, and on it's on was a stroll-through. The basic enemies were used - Grunts, Enforcers, Ogres, Scrag, Knights and some Hell Knights. The majority being the Grunts and Enforcers, who had been reskinned to a more fantasy/medieval style. The skins worked in conveying that theme, although they weren't particularly impressive. Also some new sounds were used, which was a refreshing and more appropriate, although the Grunts did sound odd when making the same noises as the mission pack Gremlin.

The level design is, as expected from Tronyn, well done. A good mix of indoor and outdoors sections. Buildings very much resemble the theme of Soul of Evil, the medieval fantasy town. Details are well down, with many little bricks and walls in ruins, large wooden beams scattered about. A few exteriors to buildings are nice built, looking quite realistic aswell. The only problem I found was the layout had much overlapping and a couple of times I briefly got lost. Nevertheless, with all the overlapping and well connected layout it feels rather non-linear.

Overall the Soul of Evil looks very promising if it's as good as this map. Although this map isn't much much on its own (thus the low score), great design, good gameplay although a little easy, I'm looking foward to the full release.