Stronghold of the Battereds

  • Release Date: 2000-09
  • Author: Deathmonger
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 70

Tronyns Review

This is a map where you'll need to brush up on your Axe skills. If you're easily frustrated or just suck, this is not the map for you. If, however, you enjoy figuring out how to get monsters to kill each other and where to put your last 2 grenades which you got from Axe-killing an Ogre, read on.

Yes, Stronghold of the Battereds is sparse on supplies. Is this bad? Yes, and no. But before we make that judgement let's discuss the rest of the map.

This map comes from the same project as the excellent Castle Of The Bad Die (also in possession of a slightly odd name) and the well done The Necrohell. It is mostly comparable to the Necrohell because although the author is different, the same mix of gameplay and architecture are found here. Visually, the map has a very solid feel, and sticks to the tried and true id Metal/Netherworld theme. There are a few unique visuals but nothing that stands out from the style; these might be called little 'personal touches' on a solid Runic theme. The gameplay as well as the style is similar to The Necrohell; the baddies are reasonably and sometimes tactically placed, and there is some use of ambushes, secret rooms, and teleporting foes. I found the map to be fair with ammunition and supplies until near the end, where I began having trouble. I had to fight a gang of ogres, a couple pairs of scrags, and some fiends, with only an axe. Most Quake players would shy away from such a seemingly unfair encounter, but not I :)

I zipped in between them, getting the ogres to fire grenades at myself but also hitting other enemies. This started infighting. Once that was done I grabbed what few supplies (nails, oddly) were there, and ran away. Several of the foes followed, but at different speeds I was able to divide and conquer with my Axe. Finally after killing an Ogre and three scrags with an Axe, I took out the most dangerous one, the Fiend, with my two grenades and somehow killed the other Ogres. I could have just rushed the exit, but it was much more satisfying seeing the 60/60 kills displayed after I passed the map.

The gameplay at the end was not fair. I liked this map though. I don't think many maps give the player that sort of challenge!

Tronyn's Score: 75

[Kona]s Review

A great little level, full of challenge. Unfortunately, it's the lack of ammo that makes it tougher. There was one situation where I was walking down a corridor then suddenly two Fiends spawned on either end of the corridor. And another time when four Fiends spawned all around me as I pushed a button! Great setups like this really challenge the player, so you'll have to be right on your edge. It was a small level, with some great metal support and touches of lava here and there. Overall great stuff, and I look forward to the rest of the levels which Deathmonger is now finishing.