Structured Chaos

  • Release Date: 2001-08
  • Author: Xenon, Than, Damaul, Lunarun
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 77

Tronyns Review

A joint speedmap project by Damaul, Than, XeNoN and Lunaran. This was a very good idea.

I take it that a general design outline and texture set was provided as this map flows remarkably well given its origins. The textures are dirty industrial, and put to good use. Most of the map takes place in corridors and indoor rooms, which can get quite repetetive but manage to look good despite somewhat plain designs (understandable given its origins). Some of the indoor areas are more complex and interesting though.

Gameplay is rather strange at times; there was a Shambler in a completely unexpected (strange, not nessecarily bad) area, and I had exactly 1 health for quite some time. Other times I ran out of ammunition, however, supplies were almost certainly around the corner when I did run out. Despite runing out of supplies on several occasions, there is also an area, really very strange, when you are given a Quad damage completely without any requirement for it. This Quad would have been better place somewhere else - when I just had an axe, I could have used it! One of this map's greatest moments is its final area, in which I did run out of ammunition (and nearly health!) and found myself retreating from a horde of monsters - Shamblers, knights, scrags, dogs, fiends - and ran out of room to retreat in. I hit a wall behind me and realized I was cornerd. Most dramatically, and most sweetly, there was a Rocket Launcher at that very spot. I wasted no time destroying the horde.

The end area is definately the map's strong point - the rest of it looks good and plays well for the most part, despite some gameplay oddities, but the end area far outdoes the rest of the level, which is mainly medium indoor designs, with a large outdoor design featuring a series of triangular towers and walkways. It looks damn cool, and is designed very well. And fittingly the gameplay gets much harder, though not frustratingly so (there are plenty of supplies, you just have to make it to them!), and finishes off the map with a fittingly climatic ending.

All in all, this was a very good idea and has turned out very well.

Tronyn's Score: 80

[Kona]s Review

From the collective minds of four great mapping talents comes a single level right out of the blue. Lunarun, Than, Damaul and Xenon sat down and for three hours and under, each constructed a high-quality section of a level, including monsters, items etc.

Then Damaul spent a couple of days glueing all the sections together. A common theme was used, one which we've probably all seen before - Kingpin. An industrial brick texture set brought to life in the fantasy Quake world, with plenty of variety in designs. The fact that each mapper had only three hours to complete his section meant some areas looked rather plain, with no real stunning set pieces sticking out. Some of the more interesting sections was the outdoor areas at the start/end and also an ambush scene quite deep into the map with some stylish curved walls. Lighting was rather dull and uninspiring. However the layout was well put together, with your returning back to the start of the map for an epic final battle. I found it tough to distinguish each mappers' areas from one another.

Gameplay was good fun, aswell having a good flow to it, rather than feeling like four big battles. A few tough traps and ambushes are put in, which while are good fun, some players might have trouble. Skill settings aren't supported, so the weaker players out there might find it very difficult.

Overall, this map turned out really good, especially for just four speedmaps put together. It feels like a normal full custom map. Design is usually good, but not fantastic, and gameplay is a tough battle.