The Darkness Within

  • Release Date: 2000-09
  • Author: Tim Elek
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 80

Tronyns Review

Here is a map with a very Quakey feel. It reminds me of my first Quake map (never released), and it is a refreshing change from curvy 'not one texture flaw' maps.

The Darkness Within by Tim Elek is a medium sized map, with a mix of textures creating a unique and as I said very Quakey theme. There's a lot of Elder World blue brick, some rune textures, gargoyles, graveyards, traps, torture-ish areas, the works. The thing I like most about this map is how it has that special something only a first map (well, ok, maybe a first few maps) have. I remember the days when no one reviewed my maps, I rarely even released them, I didn't see the works of many others, and I didn't really have to think about what I was making, I just created. This map has that. It's not a flawless masterpiece. It's a creation.

Throughout the map, a semi Elder World/Medieval theme is carried, with the monsters that go with it. Ogres, both kinds of Knights, Zombies, Vores, everything. To fight them you'll get some decent weaponry, and you'll also have to avoid some nasty traps. The combat is always enjoyable, and several times I found myself spooked at moving shadows on the wall. I have no complaints about supplies, although once I went the wrong way without stopping to pick up some ammunition and had to take on a fiend with just my axe.

Atmosphere is one of the hardest things to create in a map. This map has atmosphere, good gameplay, and did I mention atmosphere?