The Final Threat

  • Release Date: 2000-08
  • Author: Than
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 91

Tronyns Review

When I saw this post on QMAP, I thought, same day as Nehahra? That's insane. And as it turns out that the author, Than, probably has gone off the deep end. Because he made a map this good.

While bludgeoning my way through Nehahra (see my comments) I decided I needed a break and so decided to give this map a shot. Well! From the start, this map is easily the highest quality Q1SP map since Egyptian Myth. A lot of Q1SP projects are using IKBase textures now (Nehahra and OUM among them), and so I didn't know how much more could be done with them. The Secret Installation was the ultimate Q1SP IKBase map, right? Wrong. The Final Threat is even better.

I was equally impressed with the architecture, layouts, and lighting. The architecture was round-angular, not in a cheesy 'no straight edges' style, but in a polygonal Base style which, coupled with excellent use of little spotlight lights, and unique visual features (arching lights, steel crates, to name a couple), make this map visually among the best. The layout is the best I can remember, with a continually spiralling upward feel to it, so that you feel like you're always going somewhere. Being in higher catwalks or rooms in areas you've seen before adds to the map's strong feel. It's so stacked up and interconnective I believe the author when he said he took ages to create it. And what about gameplay? The Final Threat excels there as well. Base monsters make for some good old Quake ass kicking, not too easy nor hard, and items have been so well placed that I have absolutely no complaints and would not change a thing. The secrets are good, I haven't found all of them yet though, adding to the replay value. Towards the end, Chthonic monsters such as Shamblers and Vores start making appearances, making for a appropriately climatic end battle. And once you get to the end, you're at the start again. How about that?

Between playing the Final Threat 15 times and playing through all of Nehahra, or any other recent Q1SP map 15 times, I'd choose The Final Threat, 15 out of 15 times.

Tronyn's Score: 95

[Kona]s Review

I finally disagree with Tronyn? And the rest of the Quake community. Comments on this map have been that it is the best Quake level ever, and has the best architecture ever seen. Personally I wouldn't go that far. Nevertheless, everything was very well done, brilliant layout, great architecture and lighting, fantastic gameplay, it's only con was that there is nothing new to be seen. An extremely good level.