The Knight's Stronghold

  • Release Date: 2001-10
  • Author: Tronyn
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 69

[Kona]s Review

An old level made in 1997 which was going to be part of an episode by Tronyn. It's a pity the episode was never finished, as back then it could have been quite a success. Unfortunately, there are some problems which downgrade the level somewhat. First of all, it's not playable in GlQuake. The weapons are completely distorted in GlQuake, so software is required to view them and their skins properly. I used WinQuake. Also, although it didn't feel that terribly slow to me (on a PIII 450 -winmen 48), Tronyn warns that the level can run very slow and you'll need to run some commands in the console.

If you can get over these problems, it's not such a bad level. It uses only Quake textures in a medieval style. It's obvious why it runs so slow fairly early on, as you exit a cave and view a huge well detailed cavern with a brick castle built into it. The result looks quite spectacular, especially for something built in 1997. However, once you get inside the castle some of the rooms aren't quite as good. Some can be a bit plain and inconsistent. The layout is good, as you make your way to the very top and are forced to backtrack at times to open extra areas.

There are some changes to the monsters and weapons which some may complain about. But I found them a refreshing change, afterall how can you top the original Quake weapons? There is a new shotgun in the style of Doom with a kick reload. It really feels like your blasting through enemies. But the monsters aren't positioned in large groups so much as they were in Coven of Ebony, so the real Doom-type gameplay isn't explored here. There's also a hand grenade which replaces the Grenade Launcher. I didn't particularly like it because it does take a while to get used to. Lobbing one into a Fiend in mid-air isn't quite as successful on first try with it's different physhics to the GL. There is one new monster - a dragon that spits lethal fire at you. It takes quite a few hits, so I don't understand why it was placed right at the start of the level, and nothing at the end. The Ogres have a better aim, and also there is an Ogre with nails. Some of the Hell Knights have a lightning attack which I only saw twice. So with those few modifications, everyone should be happy. The gameplay is good, being challenging at times. The only thing lacking was a finale.


Overall if you don't mind software mode and typing in a few extra commands to get it to run, then this level is worth the download. The visuals are mostly average with a few nice looking areas, but with a decent layout and tough but fun gameplay, Anevil is a good level.