The Looming Madness

  • Release Date: 2001-09
  • Author: Shaun [Kona] Ross
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 72

Tronyns Review

A sequel to the most excellent Egyptian Myth map. This one takes place in darker territory, with similar designs and uses some Daikatana E2 textures.

My first comment has to be on the theme. This theme, despite sharing a similar palette between all of the textures, is just all over the place. There are textures that are recognizably Greek/Roman, Egyptian, Norse, Medieval, and more. Your average Quake player probably won't care much about this, but I found it to be really incoherent and not very convincing. Architecture is a strange blend between the trademark style seen in previous Alk maps - multileved, interconnected series' of rooms - with a couple of out-of-place, if impressive, setpieces put in. Most of the map is usual [Kona] territory, again, still the impressive layouts and same type of architecture, in this pseudo-temple style. The setpieces however are more like medieval castles! The setpieces look great but the theme definately needed some work.

Gameplay is pretty brutal, comparable to such slaughter fests as Chanthood and Grisly Manifest. There's a lot of monsters in this map, including several new classes of monster which are stronger. A lot of the combats is set up by ambushers - fiends, mainly - coming out of secret closets. This gets a bit repetitive though, almost 140 monsters without that much variation in combat types gets a bit bland. Still though if you like tough challenges and want more where Grisly Manifest came from (though that map had much more interesting combat with different monsters and jump uses), you'll probably like this. There is a strange bug in the gameplay though, where you are able to jump across a ledge to the gold key and thus skip out about 1/6 of the map. However if you do this, thinking 'haha!' as I did, you'll have missed out upon grabbing the perforater and may later get lost (as I did).

Overall the map's theme is quite poor and its gameplay is mostly unremarkable. Its merits such as tough gameplay, amazing layouts, and solid architecture have been done better in past Alk maps - especially the first Egyptian Myth. It's still a worthy single player map, but has difficulty measuring up to past maps in the series.