The Necrohell

  • Release Date: 2000-07
  • Author: IronHammer
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 75

Tronyns Review

Two new releases from IronHammer, and both are classically styled and quite well done! The first one I played was The NecroHell.

The NecroHell has starts out with you on a balcony in a Runic dimension. Directly ahead is another balcony. Below lies lava, and a walkway you must jump on to continue. There were several instances in this map where the next place to go was not obvious, this may confuse some players, but it also makes the gameplay interesting. Standing between you and your goal are your usual Runic baddies - Knights, Hell Knights, and the ever-present Ogres. Lately a lot of Runic maps have been moving into Industrial territory with Enforcers and Grunts, but the Necrohell is a map that sticks to the classic Metal theme. Monsters have been placed in several ways: there are some standing around in hallways and rooms, but there are also some placed in sneaky positions - Ogres on platforms (sometimes behind you), and the odd Knight or Hellknight can catch you off guard. About the only oddity in this map is the progression of ammunition. Generally, maps go from few monsters and little ammunition to a whole lot of both. This map goes from little ammunition to a lot, but the level of the monsters stays relatively the same. This could mean for experienced players, the end will be too easy, or for amatuers, the start will be too hard.

All in all, The NecroHell is a Runic map which goes back to the purity of id style and adds some interesting gameplay to the mix.

Tronyn's Score: 78

[Kona]s Review

A great looking metal level, with all your classic features - torches, lava and huge blocky architecture. This level is very hard, especially the first half. The main reason for this is that there is a great lack of ammo. Fortunately it evens out a bit over the second half but it is still very challenging with lots of monsters pouncing on you very quickly. The gameplay was very frantic, but some players might have a bit of trouble.