The Occursed

  • Release Date: 2000-03
  • Author: Tim Elek
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 90

[Kona]s Review

This level is getting a little old now (six months old). It was released just before I started reviewing. But it is such a good level, and because there are so few Quake levels to review at the moment, I thought I would review it.

    The design and architecture was very well done. I wasn't expecting sections such as the small town near the start, or near the end. Both were quite unique to Quake and I thought were done nicely. The indoor section were done even better. Much attention has been into details in these areas, especially parts like the rooms with tombs in them (pictured). And not to be forgotten, the outdoor sections were great too! The old bridge with the lava below was nice looking, and added to the gameplay too as you had to be careful crossing it. The best section was just before the bridge where you come out of the underground structures and have ogres standing next to and on the tower. That looked really good. With unique textures and great design, the lighting was the finishing touch to create a brilliant atmosphere in The Occursed. Although lighting was almost too dark (you'll need to play in a dark room) it was very appropriate and gave the level a more eerie and spooky feel.

    The gameplay, fortunetly, did not let the level down! It was very well done and provided a good challenge most of the way through. What was most memorable was the great end battle... all three of them it seemed like! You would start one big fight in a small town area, before dropping down the well to take on another bunch of monsters. Both, in any average level, would have been the final battle. But in The Occursed there was more...

    Health and ammunition was provided just enough. Although if your not a good shot you may end up running out. For the end battles you are fine, but everything before this ammo was lacking. But that is probably the only weak point of these two fine levels (and a start map). The Occursed is highly recommended as a unique and atmospheric Quake level.