The Tides of War

  • Release Date: 2001-02
  • Author: Tim Elek
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 87

[Kona]s Review

Mr Elek has released an outstanding addon for Nehahra, four maps full of Nehahra goodness that continues that theme well.

The first map is base, a mix of Ikbase and IDbase/Rogue. Good design and architecture, but it's not very unique. Unfortunately I blindly marched forward, missing the SSG hidden in the shadows right at the start, and then choosing the wrong path just after and missing the GL. This basically made the first map the hardest of the pack, with limited ammo. However with the GL in your arsenal you should have no trouble.

Map two was something a little different, based on top of cliffs you make your way between each through teleports. On top is often a little a nicely looking hut, which creates a great atmosphere. Gameplay wasn't as strong however, due to the limited space. Also the lighting was rather weak as some areas were completely black.

The third level was definitely the best looking, and much more Nehahra themed with mainly the more solid metals and bricks from Hexen2. There were some really nice designs in the level. Gameplay was also spot on, with more of the tougher enemies being used.

The last map was the final battle, with just one large cavern and a building sitting in the middle. And quite an end battle it was with many monsters being used in large packs. There was really no boss like Nehahra had though.

Overall four great levels with some interesting and unique design. Only the base level didn't really fit in with the rest of it, but by itself is still a great map. Gameplay was excellent, just as Nehahra was, but probably a little bit easier which will be good for those that found the original game to be too hard. Unfortunately No Tsemoch!

(Warning, to play you need to have Nehahra installed, and need to run with -heapsize xx000 (replacing xx with a number high enough until it doesn't crash)