Quake 2

Citizen Abel 2: Bargain-Bin Savior

  • Review Date: 1999-11
  • Author: Brendon Chung
  • Genre: Quake 2
  • Rating: 70


I never played Citizen Abel, but as I started reading the storyline I was pleasantly surprised to see that someone else has created a Mel Soaring type character, although not quite as evil. Citizen Abel is 'The most efficient and economical hit-man in the galaxy'. Brendon made quite a cool story in this level set - Abel has to steal some data cd. CA2's best points are its originality - you follow the instructions of some dude throughout the pack (very similar to Mel Soaring 2) and to add to this are some nice cutscenes which I don't think I have ever seen in Quake2 before. The design of these levels was also excellent and quite unique. You start off in some sort of town before climbing into the palace to steal the CD and then escape inside a spaceship. Unfortunately (dammit why does there always have to be an unfortunately!), the gameplay let it all down. There was hardly any of it considering there were several levels. You only fight Guards and Infantry. If it had all been like the end fight this would have been an excellent level set, but even without good gameplay this is a great adventure.