Quake 2

Deaf, Dumb and Blind

  • Review Date: 2001-08
  • Author: Geraint Wynne-Davies
  • Genre: Quake 2
  • Rating: 77


Deaf, Dumb and Blind is an older level for Quake2, released back in late 1999. But it was a classic from a new author. Five medium sized level set in a typical Strogg base. Plenty of objectives gave the levels good purpose.

The level design kicked off with a stunning blast. As you climb out of a pool you gaze upon two huge arches extending from the distant Strogg base. Throughout the levels is some really creative and interesting architecture. The standard ID textures are used well. However the last couple of maps were a little plainer than the rest, but still provided some nice eye candy. Overall very solid and professional design.

The lighting however was a weak point. There were sections and corridors that were quite dark and in some areas it seemed as if there no lights at all, and the minimum light was set just high to be able to see.

Gameplay was good, but not without its flaws. Plenty of enemies are spread throughout the levels. Starting off with alot of Soldiers and Infantry. The author decided to make the player be very patient, and not it's not until quite a way through that you finally feel comfortable with the addition of the Super Shotgun. When I first came across the Gladiator, grouped with a bunch of other enemies, I thought I must have missed it and noclipped back over the previous ground! Also, ammunition dictates much of the gameplay. It is very tight throughout all the maps, and I found myself using every last scrap up. It is not a good feeling picking off lone Soldiers with grenades and cells! Also health is not in plentiful supply, but is certainly not a problem the will ruin the map. You just need to be careful.

While the first few maps were very good, unfortunately the last couple really seemed to fall short. These are where your ammo takes a dive, and also the level design and lighting isn't so interesting. Otherwise, it is a very good unit that will take a good amount of time to get through.