Quake 2

Diary of the Destroyer: Fatal Invasion

  • Review Date: 2000-01
  • Author: Bizgan Sorin
  • Genre: Quake 2
  • Rating: 59


Ready for another trip down amateur lane? This is a debut release from Bizgan Sorin, but do not despair, it's actually worth playing! Sure, the textures are almost always mis-aligned, and the lighting is below average, but the layout of each level is quite good and not completely linear. The gameplay in these nine levels was good fun, with lots of weapons to choose from quite early on. And all the bosses are here too!

Architecture isn't the best, but one good aspect is variety. Throughout the nine levels you'll go from outdoors, base and a space station. Unfortunately, as you may expect with it only being 3.2mb, the levels aren't too big. Diary of the Destroyer is a good half hour pleasure despite it being a quite obvious first release.