Quake 2

Diary of the Destroyer II - One Man Army

  • Review Date: 2000-04
  • Author: Bizgan 'Brainkiller' Sorin
  • Genre: Quake 2
  • Rating: 59


One Man Army is a set of five levels which were left out of the original DOD, which scored a 59.

They were all quite different levels. The first was of a huge prison (screenshot), which reminded me of The Matrix. It only had four enemies so was hardly a level. The second was on board the spaceship, where Bizgan did nicely to represent the grand scale. Not quite as good as other spaceship levels like in COS3 or FOE3&4, but still nice. The next level was in a base, which probably had the best gameplay so far but as far as eye candy went, it came downhill a little from the last level. The next map was in caverns and caves with lava, followed by a small boss level in the same theme. Up to the caves level, the gameplay was good, if not almost too easy. Then suddenly it got quite hard. But there was still enough ammunition and health around to let you fight through the three bosses at the end.

One Man Army is a good set of levels, but not much of an improvement over DOD.