Quake 2

Forces Of Evil

  • Review Date: 1999-12
  • Author: Chris Spain
  • Genre: Quake 2
  • Rating: 80


In this pack there are four levels. The first two were released on their own, before the third and fourth levels came out. It is meant to be played all together. I would rather play the final two levels on their own, but you won't get to carry over your ammunition and powerups then (of which are quite needed!). Unfortunately, as a level set the two first levels hugely let the second half down. They are plainly design with a bad layout - there is such as making it too non-linear. There were some parts that were nicely designed, such as the rocket. And the gameplay was pretty good - fighting the typical Soldiers, Gunners, Berserkers and Infantry.

However, once aboard the spaceship everything was brilliant. FOE 3&4 greatly improve as soon as you enter them!

Texture use and lighting was great for the atmosphere. Layout had also improved, still quite non-linear but in a good way this time - so you don't get lost or get that feeling of 'did I find everything?'. The gameplay is harder, with Grunts coming at you in all directions. Whenever you do something important such as steal a key, you can expect a bunch of enemies to appear from holes in the walls around you. Gameplay was very fun while also being challenging - just what you want! And also just what I look forward to in a level, there is a nasty big battle at the end involving more than just one boss.

This joins the category of another brilliantly designed spaceship release, along with Slaughtership, Space Odysees and COS3 all at the top of the pack. If you don't mind running through the first two average levels, there is a real treat waiting!