Quake 2

Operation Scorched Earth 3

  • Review Date: 2000-05
  • Author: Steve Clarke
  • Genre: Quake 2
  • Rating: 71


It is great to see one of the old school mappers of both Quake and Quake2 still releasing levels. This is part three of Steve's Quake2 series. We've already seen Operation Scorched Earth 1 that contained three main levels, followed 8 months ago by a very nice set of three levels, and now here are three more to conclude the series. Your mission is to escape the Strogg spaceship you are on and destroy it as you go. Of course, there are many objectives you need to complete along the way, and as you would expect after parts 1 & 2, completing each objective can often be rather tricky. Not because Steve has involved small puzzles for you to solve, but simply because you don't know what or where to go next! An example would be at one point you activate some switches and your next objective is to find some Turonign Pipes (?) which will lead you to some control room. After much wandering about I eventually figured out on the other side of the level in one of the many (millions it seemed) of air shafts you had already been in, a ladder had appeared! It also didn't help when there are many doors you'll pass which don't open till later where you can return to that area. That is good at times, making it feel less linear and giving you the opportunity to gather items you may have left earlier. But it doesn't help when you've got objectives to complete and are not sure which way to go and what new doors can now be opened. But if your patient, and enjoyed this aspect of the previous levels then you'll have no problem in part 3.

The design from the first two parts is carried on into part 3 - with lava and crates playing a big role. Also making in appearance are jail cells, missiles, a huge replicating machine and other sorts of Strogg montrosities. It is classic base Quake2 design, with good detailing and texturing.

Gameplay was very tough, with just enough health. For the first level, unless you carry over all your items from the last adventure, you'll have a tough time and will need to conserve. It wasn't until the second and third levels that I found the Machinegun and Shotgun! But it starts to get better over the second half of the game and is very fun. The third level was the biggest and kept me busy for far longer than the other levels. But overall it seemed as if I was playing these three levels for hours battling through the Strogg. In the end, despite no proper final battle, it was very satisfying to finish and I look forward to the next part which will take place on Earth in Half-Life.