Quake 2

Orion Station

  • Review Date: 2001-08
  • Author: Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal
  • Genre: Quake 2
  • Rating: 69


A Quake2 map, another surprise! With only about an average of one Q2SP being released every couple of months, it is great to see a worthwhile map served up to give us some Strogg bashing. A new author this time, which means it's not the best looking map of the year, but it still provides a little fun.

The standard Q2 textures are used so we have another unoriginal base map. Walls are plain in most areas, not a huge amount of detail, but there are some good looking areas with buttresses jutting out - just as we expect with Q2. Crates are aplenty, which at least gives more visuals for the eye, and to spice up gameplay a little bit with crates to duck behind.
The lighting was uninspiring though, with it all being yellow. Some white or even blue would have made a very nice contrast. The outdoor areas look like the only lighting is being cast from the sky.

Gameplay was good as fight through mostly Gunners, Infantry and Soldiers. However they are well positioned to make the map quite challenging at times due to not an overload of shells. And the MG and SSG were not brought into the map for quite a while. Nearing the end the battle really heated up, with a medium sized outdoor section with alot of explodable barrels. After taking out the Soldiers there is a rocket turret, but if you run and the rockets miss you, they will probably be close enough to make most of the barrels blow up with a great bang, and a number of monsters a spawned at the same time. A great effect I have not really seen before.

I was expecting this to be the final battle, but there were a couple more bosses still to come. The final fly boss did not work well at all. He is in a large area with at the end of a corridor which he cannot enter. And you may only have the SSG and GL - definitely not useful weapons for fighting a boss at long range! There was alot of rockets and cells spread about, but I never found either of these weapons (nor any secrets).

Overall, an average looking level with good tough gameplay. I look forward to the authors next map.