Quake 2


  • Review Date: 2001-02
  • Author: H-Hour
  • Genre: Quake 2
  • Rating: 82


The last Quake2 level released was a long time ago, back in September 2000. Now suddenly we have two at once, one by yours truly, Machine Reborn, and only a day before this excellent debut, Planetside. Maybe this isn't Nate's first map ever, but if it is, it's a mighty good job.

The design is top notch, although nothing unique, many pillars and details have been used. Under a snowy night sky it blends well with the dark lighting and textures to create an eeiry atmosphere. The only thing I couldn't help thinking was if Nate had used custom textures, this couldhave been even more excellent. As it is, it's excellent but not unique which Quake2 needs a little bit of.

The layout was very good, not non-linear but using the overlapping method and returning to previous areas.

The gameplay was good,although you only get the DBL SG right at the end. I would have preferred getting it earlier on, and just making all the enemies a little stronger. There were also parts where a lot more enemies could have been placed. So gameplay was lacking just a bit, but still good fun.

Overall, a really good level and I look forward to Nate's sequel.