Quake 2

Se Wsi Testamentti

  • Review Date: 2001-06
  • Author: Vigil
  • Genre: Quake 2
  • Rating: 79


Vigil's first Q2SP, and it's a very good debut map.

It uses only Quake2 textures, so you may be thinking another unoriginal base. Actually you would be somewhat right, it takes place in an underground base. But it's bursting with details even in places you won't bother looking. Angles and buttresses have been used everywhere and add make good contrasts against the dark lighting. Huge caves and underground caverns have been carved out with lava at the bottom, creating a very atmospheric environment. It really feel like your trapped underground.

However, with level being very linear, I do think some of the good designs could have been used from different angles. With you returning to a previous cavern from a different level. There were a few times where you get to backtrack, but basically there's only one way to go.

Gameplay was good, though not fantastic. I did beta test that level, and the first half seemed very easy. Now in the final it is done right a good amount of low to medium strength enemies positioned very well to trap you. The second half of the map was basically exactly the same, with some larger monsters coming out to play. One of my original main concerns was ammo - and with seven beta testers, I thought this problem would have been addressed. But it was not, and ammo is very low during the entire map. Only once was a brought to using the blaster just briefly, but your often forced to use a particular weapon because it's the only one with ammo! So this does make the map a little harder, especially when in the middle of a fire-fight the player runs out and very slowly switches to the next weapon. There was enough health to keep you going though, and with caution there should be enough ammo.

Overall a great looking map that is a good challenge, it just doesn't last long enough!