Quake 2

Strogg Towers

  • Review Date: 2000-02
  • Author: Dav
  • Genre: Quake 2
  • Rating: 64


I wasn't planning on reviewing or even playing this level in any hurry, as I had not really enjoyed Dav's previous levels (Q2 Caves probably the best) and they weren't really worth a review. But a mapper has to start to improve sometime, and this level is the case with Dav. It is much better than his previous releases in all aspects.

Gameplay was the main strength here, over 130 enemies nicely placed. A good technique was spawning enemies in front of you as your unexpectedly running along whistling to yourself and your head in the stars. Pun not intended, but you almost do have your head in the sky! Eventually you'll find yourself at the very top of four huge buildings with small platforms joining the each of them. This is another strength of the map, and was quite a pleasure running on these tiny platforms blasting Gunners off the side.

If your looking for a fun level with good atmosphere and average design, then Strogg Towers is for you!