Quake 2

Tef Double Pack V - Monumental Misery

  • Review Date: 2001-04
  • Author: Tore H. Johansen
  • Genre: Quake 2
  • Rating: 76


It is great to finally see another Q2SP released this year, with only a few releases so far. And following from my Machine Reborn and then Mark Shan's Progetto Genome, another mission pack based 3-map pack, using the monsters and weapons from The Reckoning. So, having never got around to playing Mark's Reckoning version of Progetto Genome, I would finally be able to play something using these custom monsters with a factor of surprise as opposed to Machine Reborn where I knew where they all were.

The gameplay ended up being very good, with some good surprising. However, even playing on Normal there were a number of situations that were too difficult, especially considering your firepower. You won't be given the luxury of plentiful ammo to waste with your favourite big weapons. In fact for the majority of the first main level your own given the GL, SG and MG. I was very relieved in the second map to finally get the damn SSG, my favourite smaller weapon. The inclusion of one of the new weapons, the Ion Ripper, not long after this was good as it forces you to get out of your square and try something different than the typical weapons we're all familiar with.

Most the situations that were annoying involved the new Super Gladiator with his one-hit one-kill fireballs. This is a great modification, but because he's got so much health and it takes a while to kill him it can get rather repetitive. But to make matter worse Tef placed them in one position so that all your doing is running around the corner, fire, duck behind corner again until he's dead. At these times I just put on god mode and stood right in front of him taking his blasts and chomping through the ammo to kill him or simply run past. Because they really aren't much fun unless they are moving around and chasing you.
Just enough health was provided, and just enough ammo aswell. I didn't find myself in too much trouble, and the only time ammo got very low was when exiting.

Level design was great. You're usual Q2 base but with some Ikbase textures thrown in aswell. I preferred the IK sections best, despite this texture set being used heavily already by the community, it's still great and refreshing. Great details are done by Tef, with a number of textures and styles but which all come together and manage to keep a consistent theme going.

Overall a great pack of two main maps (and an intro that is rather frustrating as you Blaster your way through Soldiers and grenade Commanders). It carries on the theme seen in Tef Double Pack IV but with more professional design and very tough gameplay.