Quake 2

The Armageddon Device

  • Review Date: 1999-12
  • Author: Roseville Computers
  • Genre: Quake 2
  • Rating: 80


When this huge pack was released, I'd read some reviews and they were all pretty bad. Even by looking at the few screenshots, it looked quite ugly with some horrific lighting. Nevertheless, I craved for something to keep me amused for an hour or so. Eight levels should be able to do that as long as I don't quit halfway through as I was expecting. Well, I did quit halfway through - but not because it was crap. As soon as I came home again I loaded it up to continue this very enjoyable adventure!

The damn thing kept me going for a few hours, despite the levels being quite small. The one thing which made this pack was the originality. You'll find a number of new (or tweaked) enemies - improved soldiers, railgun shooting flyers, a new kind of Gladiator and Commander - both of which are very hard as they take alot of hits and to top that off a brand new enemy, the regular player models with chainguns! And almost all of them use a shield, which unfortunately will get you a little worried about your ammunition most of the way through. And that fact that all four of Q2's bosses make an appearance, yet none are the final episode boss!

But to make you feel a little better with ammo, your given a few new weapons - Proximity mines, Laser and the Plasma gun. None I really used as I'm used to the standard weapons, but each were very good and for sure next time I will use them!

There were a few other goodies thrown in - a couple deathmatch maps, sounds and textures, but it's the levels that count! Unfortunately, the levels aren't really that impressive. They're certainly not ugly, and parts of them are quite attractive, but for the most of it they're fairly plain. The good thing is that when you have so much fun and such a challenge from these new enemies, it still makes the episode a success. Eight levels of high-andrenaline fun and a very big fight throughout the last few levels in this highly recommended episode!