Quake 2

The Movement of Heaven

  • Review Date: 2000-04
  • Author: Chris 'Sven' Druckenmiller
  • Genre: Quake 2
  • Rating: 50


This is Sven's first proper single player attempt. You have to fight through four levels - metal, water, wood and lava, before taking on Makron. The first, metal, was probably the best. It wasn't very unique, but had a solid layout and structure, with good gameplay. The water level had pipes of water which defied gravity and rose into the air. The wood level looked quite good, although a bit messy, with trees making up most of the level. The lava level was probably the weakest of them all with long large corridors without many enemies.
Overall the design was average, but the maps had some good unique parts to them. They were all quite small with about 20-40 monsters.

Gameplay was good most of the time, with plenty of ammunition, while it was also quite tricky too. I think the one thing that let The Movement of Heaven down was some very frustrating sections. For example the wood level where soldiers hide behind every tree and as soon as you step into view you get blasted. Or unexpected earthquakes and explosions which can hurt or kill you, but you have no way of knowing where they are.

Otherwise a decent offering from Sven, and it is good to see another Q2SP release after such a long time.