Quake 2

The Ruins and The Mines

  • Review Date: 2000-03
  • Author: Eric von Rothkirch
  • Genre: Quake 2
  • Rating: 81


The Awakening Q2 is a deathmatch mod with all new weapons and powerups (with a bunch of maps thrown in), and has been quite popular. The four deathmatch maps included in The Awakening, dressed in all custom textures, looked brilliant. So it is good to see that Eric Rothkirch (redchurch) decided to add some single player levels to his resume that looks just as good!

There are two of them, both rather small. You start in The Ruins, a level which feels alot like a castle. Using brick textures with great stone spiked pillars hitting the sky, the level looks superb with a great atmosphere. The second level, The Mines, is more like the inside of a ruined castle. It doesn't look quite as great with many corridors, and it isn't as long, but was still a very unique looking level.

Gameplay was good. There weren't an abundance of enemies, but it was still great fun and a good challenge. But not to be forgotten are the new weapons! Three of them from the Awakening mod, which unfortunetely means you need to have the 8mb deathmatch mod installed too. Not only that but there are also new sounds and music to add to the atmosphere.

Overall these two levels are a great addition to your collection, but because they were so simple and short I'm left wanting more!

The Ruins and The Mines
The Awakening Q2 Mod (8.1mb)