Quake 2

The Wellspring Of Murk

  • Review Date: 1999-12
  • Author: Mike 'Ozric' Schulenberg
  • Genre: Quake 2
  • Rating: 83


I usually don't review old levels, but this one I thought should be an exception (and because I made it PQ LOTW). An under-rated cake of eyecandy with a topping of enemies thrown in. The completely new textures in this level make it look like a totally different game. The textures were quite colourful, and reminded me a little of Iikka's Secret Installation. The architecture and design had been crafted perfectly for the textures. The design and layout was of professional quality. Not very linear, and in the end you exit right where you started.

Although the gameplay wasn't as spectacular as the design, it was still enough to be challenging and fun. There are mostly the usual military type enemies - Soldiers, Gunners, Infantry and a number of Gladiators thrown in for extra challenge.

Overall, this is a very unique Quake2 level, which looks just beautiful.