Quake 3

A Load of Useless Bloody Loonies

  • Review Date: 2001-07
  • Author: Lunarun
  • Genre: Quake 3 Arena
  • Rating: 89


Lunarun's third Quake3 deathmatch level comes to us, and it is his best yet.

Coriolis Storm may not have had the superb gameplay for some, Lets Drink Beer and Shoot Things had a style and texture set which soon lost it's shine for me, but A load of Useless Bloody Loonies has the great gameplay and great looks to make it a real winner (except the title).

The map is Doom inspired, using new textures by Lunarun which are very similar to the classic game style. A tech-base map with a bright mountainous scene outside. Details are rich, with slime barrels and computer consoles helping to set the theme. The textures are very good. Although there aren't many of them, it keeps a consistent theme throughout the map. Design is A grade quality and very unique.

Gameplay is apparently inspired by DaPak. Although it doesn't seem that different to some of the other deathmatch layouts we are seeing for Quake3, it certainly is well planned and designed. There are three main areas, the biggest and best looking with five different exits spreading in different directions, you would think would be the central arena. However it is not, located almost at the edge of the map. Nevertheless, it still sees a fair amount of gameplay. The other two rooms are equally spread across two levels. One has a large spiral staircase which, although may add some variety in gameplay, didn't spice it up very much as you have to be careful not to fall into the deadly slime at the edge. This area got quite alot of gameplay, but it wasn't a very big area and trying to shoot rockets around the stairway was not so fun. The third main area, with it's two levels, saw most of the gameplay on the upper level. But the lower area was actually quite a large room which could have provided some good firefights had the bots ventured there a bit more.

All three areas had twisty corridors between each other, but teleports also helped move the game around. Because of the repetitive corridors and many teleports, it does take about four games before you really come to grips with the layout. Despite it being quite a simple design. Connectivity was good, which saw gameplay spread throughout most of the level, with the main arena and stairway room only seeing a little more action than the rest. At times, though, you will find yourself wandering around looking for the thick of battle.

Weapons placement was fine. However I always seemed to be picking up the LG and SG. The RL was located across a stream of slime, in the room of lesser action. So I never seemed to get it much. While PG was located in an upper level of the main arena which could prove quite deadly if your stuck below it and an enemy picks it up.

The only bot problems were that they would often get stuck on the single lift. It is button operated, and uses the Doom lift sound which was very nostalgic. The bots just stand there without pressing it. Also the lift stayed up too long as I would be standing there waiting for it to come down so I could pursue a victim, by which time they were long gone.

Overall, a very nostalgic yet fantastic design style, pulled together with good connectivity and mostly even gameplay throughout the map. The bots didn't have too much trouble in providing a good game.