Quake 3


  • Review Date: 2001-08
  • Author: Nunuk and Alcatraz
  • Genre: Quake 3 Arena
  • Rating: 86


An absolutely fantastic level from Nunuk and Alcatraz, unsurprisingly. From the master of space maps, I'm glad to see him turn his hand to a normal FFA DM blast.

Sock's custom textures are used, a good gothic mix which I haven't seen used in Quake3 yet, and despite not being highly detailed, Nunuk uses them well. Unfortunately this is also the last time we'll probably see these textures, as ID have told Sock he no longer allowed to distribute them unless they are part of a proper map release like Batcula. Brick is the main style, with angled blue tech lights and lots of woodem trim and details. The Nunukian architecture is evident, especially at the upper portions of the level overlooking large battlegrounds. His spires and neat angles and mixed all throughout the map.

To add to the good textures and architecture, comes some brilliant lighting. Some of the best lighting I have seen in a Quake3 level. Mostly of the areas are a light hue of yellows but to add very high contrast a number of those blue lights and also a blueish glow from the sky. It makes it all very atmospheric.

The layout was nicely interconnected and very vertical. But bots do not play the level very well, with 5-6 they pack into the area with the Regen, while using a couple less (the script included suggests 2) made the game very quiet. They did spread out over the map a little more, but a few more players are needed to get some fast action going.

Not much of a bot map, but with some human players it is a lot more balanced and quite a fun level. I couldn't see any flaws with item placement. The rocket launcher was interesting, placed on a ledge. While the two powerups, Regen and Haste, were nicely positioned. Overall a good vertical map to play with humans with fantastic architecture and visuals.