Quake 3

Boiling Mercury

  • Review Date: 2000-10
  • Author: GrindSpire
  • Genre: Quake 3 Arena
  • Rating: 75


Not far after Yogi's Reloaded comes another level coated in Than's industrial textures. GrindSpire has used them well, including trims, lights and many little details. Architecture in Boiling Mercury is good, with plenty of small angles and different texture combinations, but doesn't have quite as much eye candy as Reloaded. It is still enough to keep you happy though.

Gameplay is good too. When I first started it up it seemed very cramped and tight - I was losing the match!. But as I got used to the layout it got better. However those that really don't like cramped levels probably will not like this. It's a small level, with 3-4 rooms (two of which are made up of stairs) that lead to the main arena. Multiple levels add a vertical feel to it. Item placement was fine and I found the RL was often available and the weapon of choice.

Overall a good little level, just a bit cramped. This is easily GrindSpire's best to date.