Quake 3


  • Review Date: 2000-12
  • Author: Yogi
  • Genre: Quake 3 Arena
  • Rating: 89


Yogi has outdone himself again with this beautiful Ikbase textured Quake3 level. Prior to entering, I had played so many Ikbase levels for Q1, Q2 and Q3, that I was almost disappointed in that this probably wouldn't look very original. But as soon as I spawned in, my jaw dropped. This is the best Ikbase level to date. Yogi has, as usual, used many angles to create a fantastic map. The textures of course have all been used before, but it was still quite original. There are two main levels, one quite high above the other. The only way between the two is jumpads. This huge vertical design worked out very nicely to help the appearance of the level. Along with Yogi's dedication to details, Deadline looks fantastic.

One thing I thought was a little strange were the sounds - sounds of birds and frogs in a jungle. It certainly didn't fit in with the surroundings, but nevertheless helped to create a different atmosphere.

The map was not very big, but still fits 4-5 players quite nicely. The main outdoor area is where all the action takes place, with three main routes, and upper route and a lower downstairs route towards a teleport. The only two health's I could find (apart from the MH) were beside just infront of the teleport. Indeed this is deadly place to get health, especially if your probably quite low already. Some of the gameplay also spread to the upper level near the RL, and also directly below this around the YA.

Overall, this map is amazing and one for the collection. Design is the typical Yogi style, and no let down. Gameplay is great fun, though it took place almost too much in the main outdoor section. This is perhaps my favourite level for Quake3 to date.