Quake 3

Infernal Genesis

  • Review Date: 2000-10
  • Author: Dev
  • Genre: Quake 3 Arena
  • Rating: 85


This level was entered into the Quake3Stuff mapping competition. It came in fourth, but I liked it more than all the others ahead of it. It's not a very unique level, using the typical gothic theme very well. The dark brick and steel supports are present, looking very good against the yellow lights or wall torches. Small white crosses are also used to decorate the place, natural for a Q3 gothic map. Details are very well done, with the supports going off at different angles and lots of trim. Definitely a good and professional looking map.

Onto the gameplay, I started out with just one bot (the default) but shortly added another. It's not a big map, but is definitely more fun with two bots. The layout is fantastic. There are three main rooms, each with multiple levels and twisty corridors connecting them together. Action takes place all over the level, but as you would expect, mostly is in the middle and main room. It is almost two tight and cramped, as with the RL the bots were getting cleaned up with nowhere to run.

Item placement was good, the RL being the main weapon of choice but also the LG and RG kept as backup. A good amount of health, and the MH also in a sneaky position which I often needed to rocket jump up to get.

Overall, a great small map, but you could get sick of it after a while.