Quake 3


  • Review Date: 2000-10
  • Author: Kamarov
  • Genre: Quake 3 Arena
  • Rating: 74


This level won third in the Quake3Stuff mapping contest. It's not a bad level, but not really anything new or inspiring either.

It's your usual outdoors gothic theme, mixed with lava and a bright, sunny sky. There is some nice architecture on display, curves and spikes used well. Most of the walls are pretty simple though, a trim at the top and bottom and a small light in the middle. Lighting, however, was good. The top of the map the sky would create a blue light on the architecture, and Kamarov would rival this with some well contrasted yellow lights and wall-torches.

Gameplay let the map down, at least with bots. For some reason most of the fighting takes place in one area that has the two jumppads and the RL. Some of it creeps into the middle of the map, but the biggest area that features the best architecture you never even see. It would be rare to see another bot in this area. Also connectivity wasn't very good, a number of times I wanted to get somewhere but had to take quite a long route to get there when a short and direct corridor could easily have been made.

Overall, a good map with nice visuals, but could have been alot better with a bit more work.