Quake 3


  • Review Date: 2000-10
  • Author: Yogi
  • Genre: Quake 3 Arena
  • Rating: 87


For the first Quake3 review on Ethereal Hell, I wanted to review one of the best recent levels. And I couldn't ignore both of Yogi's outstanding maps. His first level for Quake3 was Lucid Dream (which soon I will probably review too), and I found it to be a very inspiration and well made level. After a couple of great Q2DM's, Reloaded is Yogi's latest - and another stunning level.

The appearance of Reloaded is quite unique, using Than's very good industrial texture set. This is the first map released to use it, which will definitely help in its popularity. The thing I like about Yogi's levels, is that he does a lot of detail. Most mappers lack a skill for doing detail, but here you'll see many angles, trims and buttresses. It's all kept simple enough not to look messy.

Unlike Lucid Dream, lighting is probably the only weakness of this map. Though it is still playable, it is almost too dark and some good details are hidden by shadows. Nevertheless, the dark lighting helps to create a very good atmosphere.

Gameplay was good. There is a huge area on one side of the map with many steps, but most of the time this area was quiet. Instead most of the gameplay took place at the bottom of this room - around the mega-health, RL and jumpad. But it wasn't ALL around there, often I would be at the top layer of the level where the railgun was and get attacked. Unfortunately these seemed to be the only two places the bots would occupy.

Overall another fantastic and unique level from Yogi, definitely worth getting.