Quake 3

Sinister Purpose

  • Review Date: 2000-10
  • Author: Wiebo de Wit
  • Genre: Quake 3 Arena
  • Rating: 86


I wanted to review more recent levels, but I couldn't find anything recent that is really worth it. So I ended up playing (yet again) one of my all-time favourites. Maybe it's not quite up to todays standards of top levels (and this was only released half a year ago!), but it was definitely my favourite when it first appeared in March.

Wiebo de Wit has made a few levels - two very early releases for Q2SP, and also the popular Overkill for Quake3 and recently Toxic Skirmish, but Sinister Purpose is my favourite so far. It's not different to ID's levels in design, with the gothic textures. But Wiebo has also including some nice outdoor terrain areas. It looks very good, as the side of the gothic structure gives way to a short cliff. This gives the entire level and great atmosphere as you battle on multiple levels.

Connectivity is good, with a number of teleports and steps between each of the levels. Sinister Purpose is not a big map though, with about 4 players being enough.

Overall a classic gothic level, with a good layout and adequate eye candy.