Quake 3


  • Review Date: 2000-10
  • Author: The Fugue State
  • Genre: Quake 3 Arena
  • Rating: 76


The Fugue State is a large group of mappers that map for a number of different games. Four of the members have joined together to make a four map Quake3 deathmatch pack.

Circular Logic by Mark Lewis
This level was good, had some nice looking areas and was probably the most enjoyable.

Chaos Reigns by Akuma
This looked good but I didn't like the lack of weapons. The Railgun is the main weapon used. Lots of action took place in the middle of the map too, so with more weapons it could have been very good.

Ravenous by Mike Shand
It looked brilliant. It was definitely better looking than the first two, but unfortunately bots don't perform well on it. On my first game on it on it I had perfect score after 30 frags! That was because on one side of the map you have the pg and rl very close, then on the other end the mh and ra! Also the main fighting took place in the sewer/basement area, I would have thought the huge main arena with the pendulum would have provided a better center of action.

Demon Winds by Brian Griffith
The last map had stunning looks. But I gave up on it as it ran too slow. There was alot of detail and some big areas which made the level chug along at times. Probably the best looking map, but not playable on a p3 450, tnt2.

Overall some really good maps, especially considering for some of these authors it was their first Q3 AND DM release. Unfortunately either it looks so good that it runs like crap, or the bots are useless at them. I can't wait for more from The Fugue State now that they are more experienced at DM mapping.